Thursday, January 17, 2013

Saturday Janary 12 Meeting

Photos by Ellen Kocher

Our first meeting of 2013 was held on the usual second Saturday of the month. Following a short business meeting we had a couple of very interesting demos.
First was a demo of the Simmons Slicer by Nettonya who showed us the practical case it came in and how easily the slicer is assembled. Next came the slicing of a number of different canes in various sizes and shapes. Each slice was precise even if it was so thin you could read through it. The Simmons Slicer is certainly a must have for the serious caner and we are so grateful to Nettonya for bringing it to the meeting and letting us share in cutting a few canes.

Next was watching the very talented Joan Tayler blow up a cane slice. She had threatened not to demo this if there was a chorus of “Oh I know how to do that”. Yup, even though a few of us did know how we kept our silence and are glad we did. Joan had her own unique way to accomplish this technique and kept us enthralled for an hour. Besides the photo on here there is more on her Blog site. It will be a treat to have Joan do a hands-on workshop of her Inros  during Horizons 2013.

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