Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Here is a peek at the work of  some of the guild artists are up to.
Something exciting is about to happen in North Vancouver this February. Following in the tradition of the 2007 show in Sidney B.C., Seymour Art Gallery will be the biggest  show in British Columbia featuring polymer clay .

The Chameleon Show opening reception is Sunday February 10th between 2 and 4 at the Seymour Art Gallery in North Vancouver. Meet artists and see polymer clay in action with demonstrations of the craft. The show will run from February the 5th  to March 03, 2013.

If you have never worked with polymer clay here is  a chance to see what this medium is capable of . If you are already a fan of this medium come and see what some of the British Columbia artists are up to. The show will feature six professional artists and a selection of work from the Vancouver and the Vanisle Polymer clay guilds.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Saturday Janary 12 Meeting

Photos by Ellen Kocher

Our first meeting of 2013 was held on the usual second Saturday of the month. Following a short business meeting we had a couple of very interesting demos.
First was a demo of the Simmons Slicer by Nettonya who showed us the practical case it came in and how easily the slicer is assembled. Next came the slicing of a number of different canes in various sizes and shapes. Each slice was precise even if it was so thin you could read through it. The Simmons Slicer is certainly a must have for the serious caner and we are so grateful to Nettonya for bringing it to the meeting and letting us share in cutting a few canes.

Next was watching the very talented Joan Tayler blow up a cane slice. She had threatened not to demo this if there was a chorus of “Oh I know how to do that”. Yup, even though a few of us did know how we kept our silence and are glad we did. Joan had her own unique way to accomplish this technique and kept us enthralled for an hour. Besides the photo on here there is more on her Blog site. It will be a treat to have Joan do a hands-on workshop of her Inros  during Horizons 2013.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Horizons 2013 - Review and Update

Just a bit of a review or update of previous Blog Posts.
There will be a button exchange for Horizons 2013. 

Be sure to make your hotel reservations. The hotel has given us an extension, with the new cut-off date for the retreat special of $95 per room until Jan. 26, 2013.
The hotel is busy that weekend  as it is a US holiday weekend, President's Day, so don't hesitate to register ASAP.

Registration for the Retreat is moving along quite well but please be sure to register as soon as possible so we have a better idea of the final number attending. That way there will be enough Goody Bags for everyone and you will know how many buttons to make. The Registration form is available in the box above. Just cut and paste into your word processor, complete, and send to Ellen Kocher with a cheque by the first week of February.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Horizons 2013 is Rapidly Approaching !

Park Inn Hotel on Broadway in Vancouver

Our host hotel,The Park Inn on Broadway, is offering a special rate of $95/night for 1-3 occupants.  A fourth person can be added for an additional $20/night.  The hotel has blocked off rooms on the same floor for us so be sure to mention "Horizons, Polymer Clay retreat" to get your special pricing.   
Please note to book your rooms by Wednesday January 16, 2012 as this special rate is due to expire then

For reservations guests are requested to call the hotel at (604)872-8661 or by e-mail at cc anytime before Wednesday, January16, 2013 (cut-off date). 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Joan Tayler Horizons 2013 Inro Workshop

Blue Inros by Joan Tayler

If you have been a fan of Joan Tayler's polymer clay work you more than likely have seen her beautiful Inros.
Joan will be giving a workshop during our upcoming Horizons retreat on how she constructs these Inros.
This will be a technique workshop where you will construct the Inro in Joan's unique style.
More of Joan's Inros                         After you construct your Inro base you will have a choice of exterior decoration. Ellen Kocher will be doing a Manic Mokume workshop to coincide with Joan's workshop. You may decide you prefer to use another such as Caroline Good's Bargello from her workshop or perhaps one of your own.