Sunday, January 13, 2013

Horizons 2013 - Review and Update

Just a bit of a review or update of previous Blog Posts.
There will be a button exchange for Horizons 2013. 

Be sure to make your hotel reservations. The hotel has given us an extension, with the new cut-off date for the retreat special of $95 per room until Jan. 26, 2013.
The hotel is busy that weekend  as it is a US holiday weekend, President's Day, so don't hesitate to register ASAP.

Registration for the Retreat is moving along quite well but please be sure to register as soon as possible so we have a better idea of the final number attending. That way there will be enough Goody Bags for everyone and you will know how many buttons to make. The Registration form is available in the box above. Just cut and paste into your word processor, complete, and send to Ellen Kocher with a cheque by the first week of February.

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