Horizons 2013

Every two years the Vancouver Polymer Clay Guild hold a weekend city retreat at the Park Inn Hotel in Vancouver. The 2013 event will from friday the 15th of February to Sunday the 17th. Please watch this space for more information about classes and activities for the 2013 Horizons.

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Horizons 2013    class supply list
Items with an * will be included in your swag bag
Iteme with ** will be available to purchase

Bargello - taught by Carolyn Good

1. basic clay working tools
2. steel rod or thin knitting needle (1-2mm) for a specific
   optional version..we can borrow if need be
3. metal ruler..optional
4. large square shape cutter (1 1/2"-2")...optional and we
    can share
5. 5x7 piece of glass...*
6. piece of quilters template with lines...*
7. plastic page protector- polymer clay

1. polymer clay- white plus one to three darker colours
    Note- white plus one other colour will work up quicker
              than white plus three other colours due to extra
              time needed for mixing.
*the glass will be supplies and
**Carolyn has extra templates and page protectors if needed.

Manic Mokume - taught by..Ellen Kocher

1. basic clay working tools
2. short, sharp, flexible blade...**
3. thin, sharp needle...*
4. medium size fluffy makeup brush or paint brush
   (dollar store as long as it's soft)

1. several ounces of scrap clay for backing as
2. several of your preferred colour choices of clay for
   a monochromatic and/or contrasting palette
3. basic neutrals ie white, black, ecru
4. choice of metallics ie pearl, gold and any of the others
   you like
5. cornstarch
6. mica powders ie pearl-ex or perfect pearls
   just a couple but not absolutely necessary
7. deli paper...*
8. stamps...either sheet or a few small individual ones
    and Joan will have some for sale
* the thin needle and deli papers will be included
      in your kit.    

Elves and Gnome Face - taught by Olga Osnach

Tools and Supplies
We will be supplying a small amount of the "Livingdoll" clay *
    which Olga prefers to use.
She also uses a double ended tool...kind of a pick on one
    end and spatula on the other. She got them on e-bay and
    will have a few extras for our use. I haven't seen them but
    if you have anything as described bring it along.

Inro - taught by....Joan Tayler

1. basic clay working tools including a semi rigid blade
2. wooden form about 1"x2"x.25"...*
3. pointed tool approx 1/4" diameter
    large knitting needle-optional **

1. clay in preferred colours for veneer and
    coordinating colour for base.
2. small recipe card...*
3. small amount of wax paper...*
4. Armorall (resist)...we'll have some
    to share

**Barb Alexander will have some of the good blades
    to sell @ $3.75 each

** Joan will have a few gasket pick tools that she like for $3.00


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  1. This is great event. I am looking forward to it. It is good to see what others are up to and I always learn something new.