Sunday, December 30, 2012


With the Holiday season almost behind us it is a time to look back on the past year of 2012 and forward to the New Year of 2013.  February of 2012 was our Guild’s fifth anniversary and a very active five years it has been with two very successful Horizon Retreats, and plans underway for our third retreat in February 2013 as well as a juried  polymer clay exhibit.

Although the trial blog was done in June 2011in March our Blog was officially operational thanks to Sue Bentley for setting it up and Joan Tayler for doing the blogging.

In April the Guild was shocked and saddened by the untimely death of one of our youngest and most active members, Caitlin Mancer.

Many thanks to the executive for planning the meetings and demos and posting that information on our Yahoo site. A special thanks to Nancy and April for arranging for the clubhouse for our meetings and always having fresh tea, coffee and snacks available..

 We usually have polymer clay demos after the business meetings and Nancy, Ellen, Joan, Laurel, Jem, Lawrence and Nettonya all shared their techniques for these demos.

Ellen Kocher's texture tiles

Yes it was a very active year but now we have to look forward to an even more active 2013. A Happy New Year to all of our executive, members, friends and supporters.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nettonya Ryane - Member Profile/Gallery

Nettonya Ryane has been an active member of our Guild since 2007. For most of that time she has been our secretary, faithfully recording minutes of our meetings which is no easy task, and making sure there is a typed Agenda for our members at each meeting. Minutes are always published to our members’ Yahoo site in a timely fashion.She was also instrumental in creating the "A" in our Polyclayer's symbol above, which is another story for a Post.

Nettonya is also an accomplished doll artist and has always been willing to share her knowledge of doll making and polymer clay.

In an earlier post we published a couple of photos of her dolls done at a Deana Hogan “Averill” workshop.

She has given demos at our meetings and recently assisted Ellen Kocher with her Face workshop.
Nettnya's doll with headress

 Nettonya's necklace done during the workshop at our last Horizons Retreat in 2011.

Her talent has always been recognized by our Guild but in Sept. 2011, following a workshop with Carol Simmons , Nettonya was featured on not only a blog post of Carol’s but Polymer Clay Daily as well.

In a recent challenge Nettonya created this "Fairy Door". It is cleverly designed as a frame. With each seasonal change the picture can be changed to suit the season.

Her teddies are also adorable.