Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Remembering Past Horizons

Dan Cormier had his audience spellbound with his demo.                             
Our third Horizons biennial is only four months away so its time to reminisce about our first Horizons, which was held in February 20-22 2009 at the Park Inn Hotel in beautiful downtown Vancouver BC Canada. Being our first retreat meant it was a learning curve for our Guild. The event included workshops and demos by Dan Cormier, Gera Scott Chandler, Wanda Shum, Cheryl Trottier, Joan Tayler, Tina Holden, and more

We decided on a button exchange , which is now a tradition at our retreat and will again be held at Horizons 2013. These are just a few of the buttons we exchanged.

Gera Scott Chandler and Wanda Shum combined their talents to give us a Leggy Bowl workshop.  Wanda demonstrated her complex cane to be used for the bowl and Gera showed us how to assemble and cure the completed work.

Gera Scott Chandler and Rachel Gourlay
Tina Holden demonstrated her photoez bangles and pin and Cheryl Trottier came all the way from Prince George to share her  mini babies technique with us.

Joan Tayler  showed us her Quadraped demo
Gera Scott Chandler
There were also impromptu demos by Jem Mercer Redlich (Hollow Heart Beads)  and a few others which really added to the fun.

 Now get ready to book your spot for the 2013 Horizons and the really great demos and workshops we have planned .

  Jem Redlich & Wanda Shum
 * Photos by Deb Groom, Lawrence Smith, Gera Scott Chandler, and Tina Holden courtesy of the Vancouver Polymer Clay Guild.

 Lawrence Smith & April Payton

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