Saturday, October 13, 2012

Remembering Past Horizons

Group Photo Horizons 2011

Our second Horizons held on Feb.18 to 20, 2011 was well attended and, according to the comment sheets, was successful.
Pinched Leaf Necklace

Helen Briel and Eugenia Chan combined their talents to help us complete a Pinched Leaf Necklace. Over the weekend Helen Briell taught us how to make her beautiful focal beads and the talented wire-wrapping Eugenia Chan showed us how to make a wire-wrapped holder for our pendant/bead

Button Exchange Horizons 2011

Our button exchange is now a tradition and will take place once again during our three day Horizons 2013.

Following our opening reception Joan Tayler started things off with her conditioning demo for our newer clayers. During the next three days additional demos were done by Barb Alexander, Lawrence Smith andJem Redlich along with a few impromptu demos by attendees.
Helen Briel, Eugenia Chan & Joan Tayler

Stay tuned for our Horizons 2013 Agenda and don’t forget to save that Feb.15-17 weekend for loads of fun. Our opening reception will be at the Chameleon exhibition. Retreat attendees will be bused to the Seymour Art Gallery reception and back.

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