Friday, April 24, 2015

Upate of Guild News

Just to keep our members informed of what is happening with our Guild lately I have to inform you that it has been decided to shut the Guild down in its present form. We will no longer be having monthly meetings at Nancy’s clubhouse. For many reasons there has been a lack of interest by  members to attend monthly meetings. The work of planning demos and a meeting agenda is too time consuming to have only six or eight regulars show up. There is also the cost of our meeting space and coffee and munchies provided by the same volunteers on a regular basis.

Our Yahoo online sites will remain  and members will be kept informed of any upcoming events.  I am not sure what will be happening with our Facebook page  as Nancy is also in charge of that.

Our Blog will be here and kept up to date as required by myself and/or Joan Tayler, so please check back regularly and  comments are always appreciated. 

I was at Joan’s studio yesterday and it was such a delight to see and touch her beautiful series of new bowls which have been featured on her Blog and her Facebook page

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