Monday, October 13, 2014

Saturday, Oct. 11 Clay Play Day

Prior to the meeting there was an executive meeting to discuss our upcoming retreat, Horizons 2015, and make plans for the workshops. Plans are underway for guest teachers and retreat dates are confirmed at the hotel. We are looking forward to a fun weekend for all with plenty of new techniques to learn and friends to see again. We will be making announcements here when plans are finalized so please check back often.

Ellen using the drill and CZ extruder

Ellen Kocher  and  Joan Tayler collaborated on presenting us with a number of different extruders, extruder discs and techniques for their use. The newest  extruder was front and centre as Ellen showed us her new CZ extruder and drill setup.
Joan demonstrated the old method with the now ancient Sculpey extruder, similar to one I used almost forty years ago with ceramic clay. Then she did a demo with her newly acquired extruder and discs purchased from Polymer Clay Express .

Most of us were armed with our Makins or Walnut Hollow extruders or “clay guns” as they are often called.
Bargain clay tools


One of our "show and tell" items were these very handy tools available for a bargain price at Dollarama

Ellen’s “Symbolic Beads” from a Debbie Crothers tutorial.

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