Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Great Day Of Claying

With the holiday season just around the corner our focus was on holiday canes. The idea was that perhaps these same canes could be used for making ornaments or gifts for our upcoming Christmas party on Dec. 7. There wasn’t a lot of variety as snowflakes seemed to be the choice of the day and most of us had headed to the same, or similar, U tube video or tutorial.

Nancy demonstrated her version of  2goodclaymates’  excellent  free snowflake tutorial while most attendees followed along step by step. I had already done Eugenia Topina’s  step by step U tube snowflake cane. It has turned out better than I thought after a final reducing. At first I thought it looked like a big spider-web. Instead I put the finishing touches on a round glass ornament I was working on.

It was great to have Cathy Gilbert and Shannon Hyland drive up from Seattle to attend and keep us up to date on their latest clay work.
Cathy's Snowflake cane-photo courtesy Cathy Gilbert

Cathy's Angel Ornament-photo courtesy Cathy Gilbert
Shannon at work.
Gail's Show and Tell
Our newest member Gail and her very talented granddaughter, Grace, were welcomed to their first meeting by all in attendance.

Phylis,Gail Grace and Cathy

 Ruth's show and tell was a number of her handwoven pine needle baskets with mostly polymer clay centers.
Ruth's Baskets with clay centers
Our next meeting is on Saturday, December  7 and is our annual Christmas party. The challenge, for those who wish to join in, is once again an illuminated item. Anything that will hold an electronic votive candle is acceptable. Also bring along your “show and tell items” and a PC gift in a plain brown wrapper for the anonymous gift exchange.
We are really looking forward to seeing members on December 7, our last get-together of 2013.

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